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I am a Brony illustrator and also a art student and also learning gaming programming and animation later on. I also I try to give a few tips to people on how to draw on the Friendship is Magic style and my place a few tutorials later on and if anyone has a question feel free to send me a note or comment and I am always glad to help in anyway I can. And that is my OC or ponysona Daring Flame.

So if you like to chat I am always free to talk with anyone but I do reply faster in a note than comments and if you have other ways to contact me as well you are always free to use them or befriend me enough to know them to chat out from here hope to talk with with or with new people or artist or fans.

3DS: (note me)
Steam: davidsfire
Wii U: davidsfire
Colors Gallery:
Skype: (note me)

Yes it has been a while since I open my request but due to what happened to me last time and all my new watchers

I wanted to do something to all the people that been there and all my new followers by opening my request for:

Simple Pony and Simple Dragons (MLP Universe ONLY) and Equestria Girls Vectors and Small Groups ONLY!

Now please follow these rules and you will get your request done by me in similar show quality


(please follow rules or you may have your request denied or cancelled)
  • One per deviant
  • One per OC (if OC is already on list I will not draw the same OC twice)
  • No spamming me if I finished or not (this will make me cancel your request and take another)
  • If cannon you must be ok on making it open for anyone to use
  • You are free to upload it to your account as long as you let them know I created it
  • OC must belong to you and not to another Artist (so if you are a fan let them request from me)

What can you request?

Pony Vector and Dragons (example):
It's not like I like you or anything... by davidsfire Fluttershy Mischievous Thinking  (vector) by davidsfire Your Twilight Has Stopped Working by davidsfire Chocolate Moca Mint (Vector) by davidsfire Deadhooves (vector) by davidsfirePrincess Ember (confident vector) by davidsfire
Equestria Girl Vector (example):
Well hello there by davidsfire Nighthaunt EQG (March of Request)((updated)) by davidsfire Daring Flame (Equestria Girl style vector) by davidsfire Heavenly Cross (Equestria Girl style vector) by davidsfire Mayla Bee (Equestria Girls Style Vector) by davidsfire
Couples and Small Groups (limit 3 to 4 ponies {if easy or filly} in a group vector):
Have you ever danced with a succubus.... (updated) by davidsfire Master I need your help.... by davidsfire I love you honey by davidsfire Come on Daddy by davidsfire

These are what I am willing to take at the moment

Information for Request

(Please let me know this so I can do your request)

  • The Character that will be in the request (if oc link to them will be helpful)
  • The pose that the Character will do (if have a specific pose please link the pose so I know how similar you like it)
  • Make sure you place in the comments of this journal what you like me to do (if its simple enough it will be done faster)
  • You are free to let others know about this if you like
  • Sharing this journal is optional and not mandatory to get a slot
  • Following is optional (but followers get to know when i do this or Twitter)

Request List:

  1.  :iconmidnight-devilwitch: Midnight cosplaying as Sombra costumefrom Pverwatch
  2.  :iconpinkiepie097: Half Step (EQG)
  3.  :iconjere90: Peanut Medley 
  4.  :iconfirelapisjade: Fire Jade (Dragon)
  5.  :iconuser15432: Twilight in Rosalina Costume
  6.  :icontriforcetreasuremlp: Triforce Treasure
  7.  :iconlunaroyalguard: Ancient Scroll (EQG)
  8.  :iconinsanespyro: InsaneSpryo cosplaying as GENOVA (FFVII)
  9.  :icontroyjr24: Spell Cast
  10.  :icontrainman3985: Michael (EQG)
  11.  :iconshinewubbortiz2199: Shine (EQG)
  12.  :iconglitterglitz-ortiz12: Glitter (EQG)
  13.  :iconeqgrp-bigmac: Octavia (EQG Night dress)
  14.  :icondjmorphasis: Surge
  15.  :iconsoulfulmirror: Honey Nevaeh
  16.  :iconkevintoons915: Kevin Jr. (EQG)
  17.  :iconviviyan-kpopgirl: Choco & Corn Apple with Pinkie & AJ
  18.  :iconthemexicanpunisher: Lemon Zest (EQG with Camp Everfree clothing)
  19.  :icon11pinkiepie09: Lolly Cup
  20.  :icon3d4d: Temple Chant (EQG vector)
  21.  :iconitwillrainsomewhere: Oc (Dragon Hybrid)
  22.  :iconkevintoons915: Kevin Jr (EQG vector)
  23.  :iconzacharygoblin55: Twilight (shocked)
  24.  :iconflutternom: frenzy nuke (Laying down)
  25.  :iconcryptic-91: Lare & sky
  26.  :iconcjbronyten: Glimmer Shield (spider pony)
  27.  :iconmr-kennedy92: Xander

Yeah I will open a slot for each day of October so 31 of you will get one done by me (I know its not much) so I do hope to hear from you all on who wants one of the vectors I make and hopefully this re lights the fire in me again.

Also please if you need to contact me you may note me with the following "REQUEST QUESTION" if you have any other question about the request that I am doing, or for your request "ABOUT REQUEST ###" this will be if you had any question about your request be sure to let me know your slot number so I know which one yours is and if I need to change something or you had a different reference from the one you gave me (but if you spam me and demand that I finish your first and are not patient I WILL CANCEL YOUR REQUEST!! so please don't do that. But if you have any other questions please feel free to note me or contact me on a different place if I have you on anything else that you can contact me with, thank you again for letting me know and letting me do this for you.

Also if you want to keep track of when i do things or previews I do have a art twitter that i will upload previews and teasers of what i will do or upload and that is in the link below:


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